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All About Ashley!

Hey everyone!
If you wanted to know a little bit about Ashley Montgomery, you came to the right place!
First of all, I was born and raised in Goderich, Ontario. I then went to two public schools, one in town called Victoria Public School, and the other out of town called Colborne Central. In public school is where I discovered my love for art. I continued to take art classes in highschool, where we learned even more about different techniques and about different artists.
While I was attending highschool I was suggested to take design classes. This is when I learned how to take my creative designs and illustrate them onto the computer.
In my final year as a highschool student, I decided to take the yearbook class, and I also did a Co-op Placement at the Goderich Print Shop. During these classes I learned how to work in different programs, and I also dealt with different clients and learned about printing.
After a very short time in highschool, I then continued my passion with Graphic Design right to Fanshawe College.
At Fanshawe I spent 3 years learning how to think 'outside the box', and learning how to put my creative designs onto the computer to make an even better design.
I am now a Fanshawe Graduate and am trying to make a living on my own doing what I love.
I look forward to hearing from you. You can get my contact information under the contact link.
Ashley Montgomery